Video Game Dog of the Year – There is Such a Thing

The CW have something called the World Dog Awards. One of its categories? Video game dog of  the year.


What are the requirements? Being canine and being pretty useful in your game. Turns out not a lot of dogs fall into that category, and when you see the list of nominees, you realize that most of them were pretty special.

The most notable one comes from probably the most anticipated game of the year (2015), Fallout 4. Dogmeat provided the player with a companion he can use for almost the entire game, or simply use as a pack mule to carry your stuff. Either way, it’s hard not to feel connected with him, and Bethesda knew what they were doing when he was heavily featured in the trailers and lead ups to the release.

Another serious candidate for the award is Diamond Dog in Metal Gear Solid V. He actually begins the game as a puppy which might give him an edge through cuteness. He begins as a cute follower to Snake but turns into something of a killing machine. He has an eye patch, just like his Master/Daddy, making him even more adorable.

Diamond Dog

Surprisingly there’s Chop from GTA V. The problem here? The game came out in 2013. The fourth nominee comes from Barbie and Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue. Well, this is an entire game up for the award, and as put it, the puppy characters within the game lack sufficient definition for the nominating committee to even identify one of them.

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