9 Awesome Fan Renditions of Video Game Music

Ah, we love video games. We get to explore worlds, meet NPCs, loot their houses, steal their money, run over them with a car, and all those things we don’t get to do in real life. Not only that, though, video games create awesome ambiances and moods, and this is sometimes the biggest drawing point to a particular series or franchises. I mean, just how many of us just like to drive around in GTA games listening to the radio, or enjoy the fantastic original music in RPGs like Final Fantasy, or The Legend of Zelda?

Videogame Music

Music is one of the main aspects of what sets a game apart from the rest, and makes worlds so awesome to explore and the games themselves so enjoyable. That’s why its not so surprising when devoted fans pay tribute to this, using their own skills to recreate certain pieces heard throughout the game. Some of them are so good that we couldn’t help but share it with our readers. We hope you like them!

Technodrome: Trainer Battle (Pokémon Blue-Red-Yellow)

Part metal and part nostalgia, these guys took on the regular battle theme from Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow and gave it a unique twist. Only listening to a couple seconds of this will be enough to make you want to go outside and look for someone who likes shorts so you can beat them at a duel. Pay attention to the keyboard guy for some real nostalgia.

Lara: Chrono Trigger Medley (Chrono Trigger)

Chrono Trigger is so damn awesome. It’s one of the few games that people get away with calling “one of the best games ever” without having the whole Internet replying that the game is over-rated. Lara did a fantastic Medley with a lot of themes from the game in a semi-improvised fashion and it really shows how talented she is. Users browsing her channel will find some other fantastic renditions of videogame music, and even her and her friends trying different instruments (she also kicks ass at violin!).

Team Teamwork: Guile’s Theme / Ludacris Mash-up (Street Fighter 2)

People on the web have claimed that Guile’s theme goes with everything, and we whole-heartedly agree with this. But still, Team Teamwork’s work doesn’t get done by itself, and the man deserves respect for creating such a hilarious piece that mixes one of Ludacris’ top singles with a kick-ass beat and tune.

Adam G and Friends: Super Mario Medley (Super Mario Bros and its countless sequels)

Admit it: you never thought you’d call a music video with a marimba badass. From the data avaiable on the comments, this is a performance by a group of students at Francis Howell North High School in St. Charles, MO. The most incredible thing about the video is how well the marimba and drums blend, and how into it the crowd gets, screaming throughout the entire performance as if they were watching an arena rock concert.

Cameron Goss: Not Tomorrow (Silent Hill)

Speaking of ambiance, the ultimate franchise in that aspect is Silent Hill. At least the first 4 games were, then, we’re up for debate. The original Silent Hill games were one of the few where players were truly terrified of moving on to the next room because of what could be waiting there. In any case, Cameron Goss did a fantastic cover on piano of Akira Yamaoka’s iconic “Not Tomorrow”. Without giving away any spoilers, the author made a performance as intense as the scene it pays homage to. Luckily, he passed on including radio static on the background.

Fozoh: Overworld Theme (The Legend of Zelda)

Most of the renditions of the original Overworld Theme in Legend of Zelda are done in heavy metal style (the octorocks are listening!), so it was really unique to hear a producer do a more classic take, with pianos, strings and more of an orchestra sound. We recommend checking Fozoh’s channel for some great unique music in a variety of styles.

NHS Band 2008 Helios: Final Fantasy VII Medley

People either love or hate Final Fantasy. And Final Fantasy VII, as the most successful of the franchise, is the one where these reactions get more extreme. The 1997 story of Cloud, Aeris, Sephiroth and Tifa is still being discussed today and people can’t help but call it one of the best videogames ever, or one of the most over-rated entertainment pieces of all time. Whatever position gamers might find themselves in, though, the beautiful music by Nobuo Uematsu is always praised, no matter what, and now gets a tribute in full school band mode.

Jimmy Wong: Want You Gone (Portal 2)

The internet loves Portal, and that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The ending themes by Johnatan Coulton are memes on their own by now, and some fantastically written pieces of music.  Yet, fans can always find a reason to divide themselves, and the question that popped up is if they preferred the mellow “Still Alive” or the more rocking “Want You Gone”. Well, Wong decided that he could provide everyone with the best of both worlds, and decided to play “Want you Gone” in the style of “Still Alive”. The results? Pretty damn kickass. Enjoy!

Press Play on Tape: Secret of Monkey Island Medley

Monkey Island is an absolute classic from the days of point and click adventure games. Its music brings back the listener to the times of 16 and 256 colors on screens, and now, thanks to this full band rendition by Presss Play on Tape, feels as vital as ever. The bit where they go over LeChuck’s theme is particularly awesome and the transition from pirate-ish music to almost metal is seamless. Pay attention to these great musicians and check their youtube channel to listen to other great performances.

Also, as this is an open space, we’d love to know what your favorites are, so feel free to use the comment section to talk about these videos or recommend some of the many we might have missed. Thanks, readers!