Video Time Machine App Allows Users To Wander Through The Years

Let’s face it, every once in a while almost everyone gets a little nostalgic.  You either page through your old photo books or you pop in an old video and remember the first time you saw it.

When you are driving down the street and you happen to hear a song on the radio that you remember from long ago, but can’t remember exactly when you first heard it or even what the actual name of the song is, there’s an app for that in Soundhound.  Now the VideoTime Machine app for iOS devices will allow you to wander down memory lane with actual videos.

Using this new app you can cycle through various videos that were released in almost any year you could think of going all the way back to 1860!  The app allows you to cycle through different categories such as sports, music, movies and news so that you can check out a video from the biggest games of the day between Penn State or Alabama or watch the original movie trailer for Tron.

Of course, what fun is being able to watch these dated videos if you aren’t also able to share them with others, and thanks to the built in sharing function of the app you can either tell everyone on Twitter or Facebook that “The Power of Love” was first sung by Huey Lewis and the News in the same year that you met your future wife.

The videos are very well organized and curated, so that you will be able to find something in the more than 10,000 strong library that will seem fresh and new every time you use it.  This particular app is certainly a time killer with that many videos and with the different categories it will also be usable even for those who may not have that much interest in one topic or another. The final real positive of the Video Time Machine app is that it will not be a wallet killer.  At just $0.99 a download this is one of those apps that will provide hours of fun for a pretty measly price tag.  The app can be downloaded on the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch.