Vintage 3d Street Art Spotted In Belgium

The 50’s and a modern form of art, 3d drawing, get combined here in an incredible design that is sure to catch a couple eyes. Be warned, there’s “awesome” just below these lines.

This picture over here is the creation of Leon Keer, and is displayed at the Wijnegem Shopping Center Belgium. It’s called “Time to Play” and measures 9 x 5 meters painted on paper. Here’s a set detailing the process that led to it’s creation.

vintage 3d art 6

vintage 3d art 5vintage 3d art 4

vintage 3d art 2

vintage 3d art 3

The mall, besides Keer’s work, also has other pieces by artists such as Eduardo Relero, Remko van Schaik, Ruben Poncia and Matthew May. Damn, we wish we could drop by. Oh, Europe, why can’t you be closer to us?

vintage 3d art 7

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