The Most Awesome Looking Pieces Of Street 3D Art

A form of art that has been growing popular as of late is 3D street art. We mean drawings in the street, in perspective, that give an incredibly realistic feeling.You might have seen some examples of these in chainmails of the late 90s, but ever since then, the idea has evolved, and been improved. As new artists start showing their own pieces, the old ones get better. The result? The scene is at its incredible right now, and is getting progressively better. Check some examples of this quality we spoke of.

Special Delivery


This piece by the American artist Melanie Stimmell was created in the UK, for the FringeMK Festival in Milton Keynes. The looks of it, reminiscing of the 50s are pretty kickass and classy at the same time.

The Beatles


The greatest rock band of all time got its own special tribute by the Planet Street Painting team at the James Carling Pavement Art Festival. This took place in Liverpool, UK (where else could it have been?).

Visit Britain

Now, this one has a twist, as it also uses the wall, and even Joe Hill, the creator, interacts with it. This piece was painted in Shanghai, China.

Santa’s Grotto


This one was created especially for the holiday season by veteran 3D street painter, Julian Beever. He took 4 days to paint this with chalk in the cold streets of Camberley, UK.

Interactive 3D Picture


Another picture that combines floors and wall in a seamless transition for added realism, this picture is the creation of Manfred Stader. He did this at a shopping centre in Gdansk, Poland.

Reebok Crossfit

We hope our dear readers don’t suffer from vertigo. Reebok Crossfit is another creation by Joe Hill, which held the record of the biggest 3D artwork in the world, until it was beat 1 month later (well, damn). The place chosen for this piece was the London Docklands, and the whole piece measured 106.5 meters.

Wunderful Life


Now, to be fair, we didn’t know whether we should or not include this one pic, as it’s advertising a product. But hey, if all advertising looked like this, we wouldn’t mind it so much. This was done by Street Advertising Services in London, and measured 100 square meters.

Lego Terracotta Army


This is Planet Street Painting’s masterpiece, created for the Sarasota Chalk Festival. Of course, it definitely won an award and was recognized as one of the best of its type.



You never thought you’d see a water phoenix, but that’s exactly what Edgar Muller wanted. This is from Michigan, USA, and was created for the City Art Gallery.

Central Shopping Centre


Lo and behold. This is the biggest 3D painting in the world, done by Qi Xinghua in Macau, China. The picture measured a total of 120m long (that’s almost 15 meters more than the Reebok Crossfit above), and was created to celebrate the second anniversary of the Central Shopping Centre in Macau.

The best part? Artists are still trying to break records, and outdo themselves, so we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. If you need something to do until these records are broken, check out some of our other articles, 14 Sizzlin’ Steampunk Renditions of Superhero Art and 16 Pieces of Captivating Chopstick Art.

Source: Hongkiat