Geeky Lego Batjet X-Wing Fighter

If you crossed Star Wars with Batman, you would probably get this cool Batjet X-Wing Fighter that would help ‘Bruce Skywalker’ to take revenge on ‘Darth Joker’.

LEGO mastermind Kevin Ryhal has used those adorable building blocks to create the Lego Batjet X-Wing Fighter that transcends the concepts of Star Wars and Batman, and personifies the qualities of both the epics’.

While we are not sure if Kevin Ryhal had this story in mind, the blogger at Obvious Winner describes a situation where Bruce Skywalker’s aunt and uncle are killed by Darth Joker (not Vader). He becomes the Bat Knight and learns to fight his way across all the evil forces working against him with the help of this Batjet.

Of course, this is fantasy thinking gone too chaotic but the end result is something that is quite impressive. I wouldn’t be surprised if other artists create such toy mash-ups that combine the themes of different comics and science fiction shows.

It can be a great way to show people that one doesn’t have to be an exclusive fan of a single superhero of TV show. You could also go ahead and take a look at Legostatic Batman, which we had written about some time ago. The Batman Origami Figure is a great piece of art to inspire you to learn this Japanese paper-folding craft.