Turn Classic Vinyl Records To Digital Tracks With iLP Turntable

Nothing sounds quite like vinyl and we can all agree with that, yet, when was the last time you could sit down and listen to them? Having all of your favorite songs in a digital format might not be classic, and might make hipsters cringe, yet the convenience of just carrying your favorite records on a digital format is so much more convenient. This gadget serves exactly that function: turning your LP’s into media you can play on your mp3 player of choice.

The iLP Turntable gets the computer out of the process of turning vinyl to digital media, and just needs the actual record and your player of choice jacked right in. The user just needs to attach the player in the slot, spin the vinyl and hit record.

Besides that, the iLP also has built in speakers so you get to play your record, and an audio output in RCA in case you want to plug it to your home stereo. It goes for $155 at Firebox. Now, get me some Beatles and Led Zeppelin records, it’s time to rock old-school style.

Via: Gizmodiva

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