ViScope MD Is a Visual Stethoscope with Murmur Signal Wave Display

HD Medical brought stethoscopes to the 21st century by adding a visual interpretation of sounds, as well as noise cancellation and other brilliant innovations.

Medical science seems to be ready to embrace the future, as more innovations are made every day in this field, from 3D printed organs and glucose-measuring smart contact lenses to smart glasses that can see through the skin. HD Medical’s ViScope MD is yet another welcome addition to the range of gadgets that health care providers can use to discover medical conditions earlier.

Arvind Thiagarajan, HD Medical’s Founder and Chief Inventor, explained that “Our visual stethoscopes are uniquely capable of addressing today’s evidence based medical environment. ViScope and ViScope MD are the industry’s first stethoscopes that enable documentation of heart data which can be used for patient reporting and analysis as well as information sharing or for use in teaching situations.”

As seen in the above video, ViScope MD makes discovery of heart or lung conditions much faster, as it displays the high and low frequencies, either simultaneously or separately. The display enables Dynamic Auscultation, which means that medical personnel will see on the screen the exact interpretation of what they are listening to. This state-of-the-art visual stethoscope digitalizes the sound, thus offering the possibility to amplify it, in case certain heart or lung noises are barely audible. On top of that, it can store up to four 10 second patient waveforms for future reference.

The visual stethoscope also packs the world’s first Murmur-Signal Wave display (MUR), as well as the world’s first integrated heart anomaly indicator, both of these being essential for discovering heart abnormalities while they are still at an early stage, and thus, treatable. Health care providers can connect ViScope MD to a PC running the provided software, in order to archive and document patient files.

ViScope MD is currently available only in India, and can be purchased on HD Medical’s website for $599. However, the version without murmur detection has passed FDA certifications and is currently undergoing certification for CE compliance, so we should soon see these in the US and Europe.

HD Medical will demonstrate how the ViScope MD visual stethoscope works at the Arab Health exposition that will take place between January 27-30 in Dubai.

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