The Waiting Is No Longer the Hardest Part

In our instant coffee, everything-right-now, wired world, even a tiny wait has become nearly intolerable. We’ve all been trained to a staggering level of impatience by our computers, TVs, cellphones, and everything else that was designed to make our lives easier. We’ve got a gadget to do just about everything for us in a fraction of the amount of time it used to take, but we’re still unhappy. What we really need is a machine that expresses our frustration at waiting. Well, wait no more! The Waiting Machine has arrived to help pass the time.

Designed and built by mechanical engineer Chris Eckert, The Waiting Machine is a crank operated hand that you can use whenever you have to wait for something. Turn the handle, and the life-like index finger will politely, but firmly tap on the wooden base, letting everyone and everything around you know that you are not pleased to be spending precious seconds of your life not doing the things you want to do.

Although it works great at showing frustration, the Waiting Machine was actually designed by Eckert as a fun way to waste time. That philosophy, coupled with the Waiting Machine’s old school design and operation, might just make it a commentary on just how impatient we’ve become. Perhaps people will see it and take a moment to contemplate how we are festooned with devices to save us time, yet we never seem to have enough. Maybe the Waiting Machine is going to be the final straw that breaks the back of the so-called age of convenience. Well, at least until our Youtube video finishes downloading.

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