Turning Toast Into a Work of Art

The building block of the modern breakfast is the humble, yet glorious piece of toast. Confident enough in its charms to leave the flashy stuff to the jams, jellies and juices of the world, toast plays it cool and always keeps it real around the breakfast table.  Toast is the medium, not the message. But now there’s a way to use that simple hunk of bread to tell the world how you feel about mornings, and it doesn’t need to be written in spreadable fruit products.

The folks at ThinkGeek have seen the potential of the written word in toasted form, and have created a toaster you can use to burn messages onto your daily slice. The Pop Art Toaster comes with three screens that allow you to imprint a face or messages like, “ugh” and “bite me.” They aren’t all that original, and trade on the cliched notion that mornings are a gauntlet of misery and depression to be slogged through every day, but they still look cool.

Perhaps aware that the ability to put three messages on your toast alone isn’t enough to sell a toaster, Thinkgeek has also wrapped this beauty up in some very cool, retro styling. The Pop Art Toaster is an awesome shade of sky blue with chrome accents that will bring a healthy dose of old school kitchen cool to your morning.

To sweeten the deal, it also comes with a matching coffee warmer that will keep your cup of Joe piping hot while you admire your customized toast. It all goes for $49.99 and would definitely look great in the kitchen of any geek. Or anyone who believes that a perfectly toasted slice of bread is a work of art all on its own.

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