Waka Waka Power: The Smartest Solar Smartphone Charger

One of the most remarkable gadgets that I have ever laid my hands on, Waka Waka Power is one hell of a solar smartphone charger that seriously empowers people. The solar panel enabled charger doubles up as a reading lamp and is certainly one of the greenest devices one can purchase at the moment.

WakaWaka is Swahili for ‘shine bright’ and is created by Off-Grid Solutions (OGS), a company that has tried to help people stay off-grid by using solar energy. The device costs $79 and for each Waka Waka Power that is bought, $10 shall be donated towards social programs aimed at empowering the poor and disadvantaged in Africa, Asia and elsewhere. The gadget was primarily designed with ‘energy poverty’ in mind. Millions of people do not have access to electricity or clean energy and they resort to using dangerous forms of light sources such as kerosene lamps. Thousands get burned and suffer from serious injuries using these lamps and they are not even environment friendly.

waka waka 3 copy

Waka Waka Power aims to empower these people by giving them an energy and light source that is practically free in the long run as all that it needs is solar energy. Moreover, the device can charge iOS and Android gadgets via USB or AC in less than two hours. My iPhone charged very quickly and there was enough juice in Waka Waka Power to read for almost 11 hours through the night.

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Once fully charged under the sun, Waka Waka Power charges an iPhone completely and will have enough charge in it for the reading lamp to glow for another 10 hours. Without charging a phone, the gadget can serve as a reading light for almost 40 hours. The device is made from water-resistant and durable material and weighs just 7 ounces. It offers 5 different light modes including an SOS beacon. It comes in funky yellow and stylish black and can be easily carried around.

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The device is a godsend for those who live in energy deficient areas and also for those who travel or engage in outdoor activities. It is certainly less embarrassing to use solar energy than asking people in restaurants if you can use their electricity plugs to charge your phone! Truly, Waka Waka Power empowers not only the poor and disadvantaged, but also the rest of us who do not want to depend on electricity to charge our cellphones or read books at night. Moreover, the device can be a lifesaver in times of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and other emergencies. I would recommend this to anyone who is environmentally friendly and who often runs short of electricity to charge devices.