Game of Thrones Engagement Photo Session and Wedding Box

Weddings don’t go well in George R.R. Martin’s fantasy world, but despite that fact, two Spanish love birds chose Game of Thrones as their theme for the pre-wedding photo shoot.

There must have been a strong contrast between the white gown and the silver Jimmy Choo shoes that Emilia wore as she went down the aisle, and the Westerosi clothes that she showcased at the engagement photo shoot. As there would have been too many options to chose from, Emilia and Ramon went for House Stark clothing and gray surroundings that remind us of Winterfell.

In the above picture, which I’m going to name A Storm of Swords, Emilia and Ramon clashed their Valyrian steel claymores, while the photographers from made sure that every magic moment gets immortalized.

The fur-trimmed capes and the swords made this Game of Thrones pre-wedding photo shoot look very authentic. If you think about it, A Song of Ice and Fire is much better than the zombie theme that corrupted the world in recent times. Also, it’s nice to see event photographers who don’t turn away when faced with a geeky theme.

Ramon also commissioned from a wedding box made in the same Game of Thrones style. The top of the box features the name of these love birds, while the other sides include dragons, newly weds and other elements that combine the two. Considering that Ramon asked for this box in secret, Emilia must have had a real surprise.

Game of Thrones wedding photos are even better when the involved parts bear even a slight resemblance to characters from the books and the TV series. Our Ramon here looks a bit like Robb Stark and one could say that he even has some dire wolf blood running through his veins.

Additional photos can be found on the Facebook page of This wedding might have lacked the blood GRRM got us used to, but no one is able to contest the presence of magic. Also, I can bet that some magic potions were consumed on this occasion.

Judging by the upload date of those photos, it is clear that the photo shoot took place more than 10 months ago. You might be wondering why these have surfaced so late, but the answer is quite simple: it’s wedding time in the hit TV show.

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