Warhammer 40K PC Case Mod

Along with Starcraft, Warhammer 40K is one of the most popular RTS games out there, so it comes to no surprise that many PC case mods are based on units from this game.

Warhammer 40k PC Case Mod

A PC modder from Madrid created a wood, metal and acrylic case inspired by one of the Warhammer 40K units, the Dreadnought. Given the dimensions of the case and the materials from which it is made, the weight of 20,7 kg is not unusual. Above you can see a photo of the case in a preliminary stage, before doing the paint job.

Warhammer 40k PC Case Mod

Not only the design of this case is exceptional, but also the cooling system. As the modder said, a watercooling system would not have been out of place, as the tubes do not create a discrepancy in the overall design of the Dreadnought. However, he decided to rely on fans that still do a great job in keeping the components cool.

Warhammer 40K Mod

To make the Dreadnought case even more futuristic, the designer used a custom lighting system and robotic sound effects.

USB ports

A USB hub and a network port are nicely integrated in the design. In fact, the functionality of the case has not been altered at all.

Dreadnought Badge

The banner represents a nice touch and makes the mod look very authentic. The skull in the front of the case, as well as the other logos, are part of the original design. This should give an idea about how accurately the modder wanted to replicate the Dreadnought.

Dreadnought Banner

The fact that the headphones can be hung on one of the arms of the Dreadnought gives a hint about the functionality of the mod. Obviously, the creator of this mod put a lot of thought into it and paid a lot of attention to the details, so the resulting mod can be considered the very image of the Warhammer 40K Dreadnought.

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Via: GizmoWatch / Casemods