Shiny LED Mario Warp Pipe Lamp

It must be really amazing to be able to travel through long distances and even to different worlds by just getting inside a Warp Pipe, if such a thing really existed.

Nonetheless, every Super Mario fan dreams about being able to get inside a Warp Pipe and travel to unknown times and worlds. While Warp Pipes may not exist in real, you could always go ahead and but something that reminds you of it.

The Mario Warp Pipe Lamp is an amazing way to brighten your room and give it an ambient atmosphere. This lamp would symbolize your love and passion for video games in general and Mario in particular. The Mario Warp Pipe Lamp features an LED touch lamp and is equipped with 3 such lamps on the inside. A mounting plate allows you to place it anywhere you want on the wall.

8bitprops makes these lamps for $21.99 apiece and can be a great way to make sure that you are showing your love and respect to older video games that you played as a child or adolescent.

If you are not much of a Super Mario fan, take a look at the Space Invaders LED Lamp or LED Collection Lamp that we had featured earlier.