LED Collection Lamp Is An Ode to Geek Culture

LEDs have been one of the most important symbols of geek culture, partly because they are easily accessible and come to use in most modding endeavours. The LEDs were introduced way back in 1962 as a practical electronic component.

The earliest ones came in red but they slowly came to exist across the infrared, ultraviolet and of course visible spectrum of light. Per and Bastian from studio Humans Since 1982 have seized an opportunity to showcase the history of LED lamps within a larger LED lamp.

With the help of almost 300 LEDs, they arranged them all in a pattern so that the history and development of LED lights could be told to the world. More of an art piece than a gadget, the lamp reveals how each LED is an illuminate and can be a worthy industrial product itself. The lamps are part of a limited edition project called Collection of Light. The idea was to create a collection of LED lamps right from the beginning just like somebody interested in insects would collect and arrange them in a pattern within a glass box.

All the LEDs are labelled according to their colour temperature, name and size and they are set in such a pattern so that a harmonic light can be accomplished when they are all lit up at one go. They also have smaller versions of the same lamp with 150 and 90 LEDs. LEDs have always been an important part of geek culture and that can be seen in the number of mods and custom designed products we have featured earlier. You could take a look at the iPhone Controlled LED Chandelier and RGB LED Tetris Game, which sort of speak for themselves about the importance of light emitting devices in geek culture. The Screaming Skull LED Straw is yet another fun product dedicated to these light emitting devices.