Smokin’ Starship Enterprise Glass Pipe

Smoking is never a healthy option but when it comes to using the good ol’ fashioned pipe, one can’t resist the temptation.

The smoking pipe has always been an extension of the smoker’s personality and it reveals what the person’s likes and dislikes are. With that in mind, we shouldn’t be surprised if this Starship Enterprise Glass Pipe is one of the coolest things to carry around if you are a Star Trek fan. Only, you shouldn’t be lighting it up in public places.

The mini Enterprise pipe measures 4 and a half inches in length and 2 and a half inches in width. At about 2 inches in height, it fits snugly into one’s hands and is quite durable as well.

It is made of 7 different pieces and comes with a 2-stage welding process that makes the pipe extremely durable. You would have to smoke through the port nacelle (left engine) and the red stripes are designed in such a manner that they increase your grip while holding it.

RenegadeGlassworks sells the Starship Glass Pipe for $70 and is a great gift for someone who is a Star Wars fan and likes smoking occasionally. If you are not much into smoking, you could take a look at the Steampunk Starship Fleet. The 17 Starship Enterprise Remakes that we listed are just too amazing!