4 Amazing, Fun Weather Gadgets

We still aren’t able to control the weather yet, and that’s why measuring temperature and the conditions outside our homes are so important. Here’s a few quick, fun ways to do exactly that! In the world we live today, our computers, apps and smartphones do most of the tasks thermometers, clocks and other devices did in the past. Regardless, call us old fashioned, but we still have a soft spot for gadgets that only perform one task, and can do that with an extra, fun factor that can’t work with our phones’ menus. Either because they look nice, or because they are different in a really cool way, these are some of our favorite weather gadgets and other technology and things you can use to tell the weather so it doesn’t catch you by surprise!


AcuRite Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer

Acurite Galileo Thermometer


This glass Galileo thermometer with globe storm glass is a fun, classic way to tell the weather in a stylish way in either the office or at home. This station sports a thermometer, barometer, and a very nice design inspired in Galileo Galilei’s very own design. The idea behind this is not to provide a perfect, most accurate depiction of the weather (that’s what your phone and the internet are for) but to give you a quick glance of it in a new, fun way unlike any other.

Weather Sticks

Weather Stick

One of the most fun ways to tell the weather is the use of weather sticks, natural wood creations that some tribes of Native Americans figured out before thermometers were even a thing. The idea is that the stick will respond to the weather and move up to indicate sunny or beautiful weather, but points down when weather such as rain snow sleet are present. This is neither technology nor witchcraft, but merely a fun way to get a quick glance at the world outside from just a stick you can hang.

Cobra Electronics CWR 200 Weather and Emergency Alert Radio

Cobra Electronics CWR 200 Weather and Emergency Alert Radio

Here’s a profesional gadget that will do more than tell you about the temperature. This is an emergency alert radio that will notify you of possible and actual natural disasters or weather changes in your area, and depends on where you live, this can be extremely useful. Whether it is tornadoes, snow or whatever, the Cobra Electronics CWR 200 will let you know beforehand so you can be prepared.

Austin Multi-function Weather Station

Austin Multi-function weather station

This is an extremely useful keychain that does something else beside look nice. it features a small monitor where it displays weather, time and date, but also works as an alarm clock, flashlight, compass, and carabiner. Sure, with the right apps this all something your phone could do, but the fact that you don’t have to waste precious battery life on this makes having a gadget like the Austin Multi-Function weather Station completely worth it.

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