12 Awesome Halloween Pranks Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, it becomes increasingly important to find ways to play pranks on your friends and family or probably even on your co-workers. While you may think that Halloween requires a lot of preparations and planning to look and act scary, it actually isn’t. Pulling off a scary Halloween prank is not only easy, but it’s super fun!

In this post, we have made a list of 13 Halloween pranks that can get your victims quivering in fear (or in disgust). All you probably need to do is to choose one or more of these pranks and then enjoy the day when it arrives. After all, Halloween is growing in its popularity each year and it is always a good thing to know what is already available so that the next year you will not end up buying this year’s pranks. If you do so, the prank will be upon you when no one gets scared or worse, they ignore you. Even if you are not planning to play any scary pranks this year, you can very well be prepared for the next.

Scary Peeper, the Peeping Tom Window Prop

The Best Halloween Pranks Ideas

There is something really creepy about a man peeping through a window. How would you feel if you caught some who looks weird and creepy looking through the window directly at you when you wake up from your sleep in the middle of the night? Even if it is the afternoon, it is bound to scare you a lot. The Scary Peeper is a peeping Tom inspired true-to-life window prop that you can use to scare your guests away. This works especially well with people who are paranoid about being watched or observed. The Scary Peeper retails for $48.65 and is creepily real in features and size.

Black Snake Toy

The Best Halloween Pranks Ideas 2

Of all the reptiles that humans have encountered, snakes are known to elicit an instinctual fear, a fight-or-flight response, as the psychologists would call it. Snakes can cause morbid fear in almost all of us and what could be a better way to get scared than finding a snake hanging on our faces all of a sudden? ThisBlack Snake Toy can be used during the Halloween to decorate a room or simply to scare people. It retails for $16 and is a made from rubber.

Electric Prank Shock Ballpoint Pen

halloween pranks ideas 3This is one of the older pranks around. You must remember that when you were a kid, another kid probably gave you a pen that gave you a nasty electric shock. The rejuvenated version of this old prank is back in the form of Electric Prank Shock Ballpoint Pen. It is powered by batteries and it needs to be used with discretion too. Certainly, receiving electric shocks is not for the faint hearted. This shocking pen costs $13.50.


Horror Prank Kit

halloween pranks ideas 4

If you want to go all the way to scare your guests or Halloween party hosts, you could choose to buy this Horror Prank Kit for $11.95. The package comes with nine scary pranks and includes the Devil’s eyes, blood soap, instant worms, nail through finger, blood capsules, horrible finger and others. This is a great gift to give kids as well, as there are many pranks in just one kit. Instead of buying several pranks, you could choose to buy just this kit and get a whole lot of pranks.

Motion Sensing Crow

halloween pranks ideas 5

If you can’t get a murder of crows to visit your house, you can at least order a pair of these Motion Sensing Crows. They are made for the Halloween season and come with red eyes and motion sensors. The crows caw when there is any movement, which is perfect to scare your guests or just get into the Halloween mood. In fact, this could be a great way to keep yourself feeling secured even after the Halloween. If anyone breaks into the house and moves around, you can rest assured that this eerie crow will warn you about presences and movements. At $7.97, it is quite a deal.

Realistic Creepy Crawly Cockroaches

halloween pranks ideas 6

A Halloween celebration is never complete without the creepy crawlies. What could be better than a bunch of disgusting-looking cockroaches that threaten to crawl all over your body and leave you feeling suffocated with dread and fear? This 12-Pack Realistic Cockroaches is a great way to get everyone disgusted and scared, especially if you throw them out on the dinner table. Or just place them at strategic places such as the refrigerator or on the kitchen platform. At $6.99, the Realistic creepy Crawly Cockroaches 12 Pack are a great way to add some spice to your Halloween.

Blue Mouth Lollipop


halloween pranks ideas 7While this may not sound very scary, there is a way to scare the hypochondriac in your guests. Ask them to suck on these lollipops and suddenly look shocked and scared, when their tongues turn blue. Those with health anxiety are sure to get a panic attack when they see their tongues in the mirrors. There is nothing worse than a sudden health symptom to get a hypochondriac to get scared. This harmless and healthy lollipop will leave your hypochondriacal guests scared and panicked, which is what you want at the end of the day. At $4.56, the Blue Mouth Lollipop is a great way to scare people.

Remote Control Furry Tarantula

halloween pranks ideas 10

While we did mention that spiders are beautiful creatures and most of the times they can look classy, the wilder varieties of these arachnids can be quite fearsome. This Remote Control Furry Tarantula is a great way to add some fear around you. The tarantula comes with a black egg sack and its eyes light up too. With a hair-like texture on its body, you can fool others into thinking its a real tarantula. It also has independent leg movements, which adds to the creepiness of it all. With a price tag almost  $70, this Robo-tarantula will not come in cheap but you probably can get a good prank off of it.

Disappearing Ink

halloween pranks ideas 11

This is a great way to annoy people,this is probably one of the best pranks you can pull on your cow-workers  on Halloween especially on those who wear expensive cloths. This disappearing Ink will leave stains on clothes but will disappear in just a few minutes. People will get freaked out that their clothes are ruined but in a few minutes, they will realize that it is just a prank. It costs $5.55 and is a great way to get those fashion-conscious people to enjoy Halloween the way it should be enjoyed.

Prank Pregnancy Test

halloween pranks ideas 12

Halloween pranks do not have to be always about ghosts or zombies. You can scare people in many other subtle ways. One of the worst fears a woman (or man) might have is that they may end up becoming pregnant when they didn’t intend to. This Prank Pregnancy Test always brings a positive result and can be enough to give panic attacks to those who are worried about getting pregnant. It comes with 2 testers and you could even keep it till the April Fool’s Day. The Fake Pregnancy Test costs $12.99 and can easily be ordered.

Lifelike Maggots

halloween pranks ideas 13

One of the worst fears that most of us have is that of being scavenged by maggots. When corpses are buried and they begin to disintegrate, maggots help in the process. Most horror movies make use of this fear and liberally use maggots in films. These Lifelike Maggots look so real that people will think they are indeed alive. You can use them to scare people or just drop a few in their coffee or beer. At $2.04, these maggots are relatively cheaper than other Halloween pranks.

Skeleton in the Closet


halloween pranks ideas 14This Skeleton in the Closet is the perfect addition to your Halloween pranks. What could be better than having skeletons in your closet, when your parents or friends try to open it? Not only will this be a warning to nosey people but is also a great way to horrify others during Halloween. You even get a copy of the Illustrated Story Book “The Skeleton in the Closet”. The skeleton itself measures 16 inches and is made from plastic. The toy costs $29.99

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