Rate the Chef and Service with We and Co iPhone App

The next time you see that hot barista or sous-chef, here is how you can flatter him so that you can get some favours.

All that you would need to do is, start using We&Co, which is a really fun app to show much you like a particular waiter or a waitress when you go to a restaurant or cafe. You could rate people who serve you based on their qualities, and make them popular so that others who visit a particular restaurant know whom to approach. If you have a peculiar liking towards a waiter, I assume you would not be sharing them with anyone else, but that is a different story altogether.

The app is meant to serve as a platform in which servers, waiters and other people who make your night out or dinners meaningful are given the credit and appreciation they really deserve. This might encourage you to question why you should be flattering people who serve you, when you can smile and leave a big tip. The idea is to make sure that they get professional distinction and attention from other customers who may visit them some other day.

This way, your favourite waiter or waitress will be able to earn more tips from other customers, and if they get lucky, a better paying job might come calling to them. You could login to We&Co using your Twitter or Facebook account and then select restaurants in which you want to rate the employees. Of course, this doesn’t have to be restricted to restaurants and cafes alone. You could rate employees in bars, lounges, or even supermarkets or departmental stores where salesmen and saleswomen help you to purchase goods and services in a polite and understanding manner.

I personally feel it is a great way to show appreciation to those in the service and hospitality industry, where employees can sometimes work under thankless conditions. Your generous tips and a good We&Co review of that employee could help him or her more than you might possibly imagine! You could also read about Find My Friends, which surely is one of the coolest home wreckers in town. Waze 3.0 is a GPS enabled app that might help you to reach to your destination safe and sound.