Pixar Luxo Jr Halloween Costume Is the Coolest

Pixar Animation Studios have a legendary image in the field of animation and that is because the venerable animation company has won almost 25 Academy Awards, and continues to enthral their audience even after almost 25 years in business.

It all started when they launched their Luxor Jr. in 1986. The movie lasted for just 2 and half minutes but became something of a cult icon. The short movie consisted of two Anglepoise lamps which fight over a ball and entertain the audience even if it is for just 2.5 minutes. The latest video that was found on YouTube shows a fan dressed in a Luxo Jr costume for Halloween.

It is being circulated widely online and Huffington Post did a post on the discovery of the video. In fact, the costume was found by reporters only after a year though the wearer had worn in way back in 2010, many months ago. While it is not clear why someone would think that an Angle poise lamp could be ‘scary’, it just shows that people have begun to associate Halloween costumes with fun more than dread. It is quite possible that these and other light hearted costumes will one day change the blood stained and innards-spilling costumes would be replaced by less gory ones.

It may be something that would not interest most die-hard Halloween fans but would surely attract the attention of geeks who are more interested in fun costumes than gory ones. You could also take a look at our Ultimate Halloween Guide, which would tell you how to celebrate the world’s scariest festival. Perhaps taking a look at the list of Geeky Halloween Characters would do you good as well. Meanwhile, you could go ahead and create a slightly eerie and gory but geeky costume for yourself this Halloween.