10 Weird Food Combinations That Are Surprisingly Appetizing

Food is wonderful to stuff inside of you, but what if we could combine different foods to create ultra-food combinations?  The good news is that we can, and the bad news is that you’re not going to get any, since I’m the largest glutton on the planet.  Literally – I’m the most voluminous man who likes to eat.  You can still gaze upon these ten weird food combinations while I eat them, though, and I can assure you that you’ll find something that you’ll like.

1.  Steak Pops

steak pops


These steak pops are a wonderful combination of cake pops and steak, and the level of cooking expertise needed is minimal!  This treat is just a round piece of steak slathered in barbecue sauce, sprinkled with sprinkles, and impaled like a head in the Game of Thrones onto a stick.  Genius!

2.  Cupcake Filled Sausage



Cupcake filled sausage, referred to as Cupcakewurst, might look disgusting.  The truth?  It’s actually one of the most delicious substances on earth.  Sausage casing is filled with cupcake batter and then baked just like the cupcakes would be.  The picture above shows this delicacy on top of a long john donut and topped with a line of jelly.

3.  Pizza Hut Kit Kat Pops

kit kat pops


Love Kit Kats?  Love pizza dough?  Then the Kit Kat Pops are exactly what you need.  They’re bites of pizza dough with Kit Kat bars inside, covered in sugar, but only sold in the Middle East.  So, if you are like me, these are just another piece of a wonderfully improbable dream.

4.  Domino’s Oreo Pizza

oreo pizza


This is actually a weird food combo that I have tried and enjoyed!  Think frosting, melted oreo cream, oreo pieces, and pizza crust!  I couldn’t think of a pizza that I enjoyed more!

5.  Bacon Pie

bacon pie


What do you get when you combine bacon and pie?  A pie crust with a ton of bacon and cheese.  Two layers of bacon and two layers of cheese, to be exact.  You might die a couple of weeks after you eat it, but it probably will have been worth the end of your life.

6.  Gangnam Style + Cappuccino

gangnam style cappuccino


Yes, I realize that Gangnam style is not a food, but how could I resist sharing this on the list?  Given all of this hype about the video and the song, I figured that it was appropriate.  And I don’t even like coffee.  *Dances in a stable of horses*

7.  Meat Shot Glasses

meat shot glasses


Meat is good, so why not turn your meat into shot glasses?  There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be done, and we all know that science is about why not.  Therefore, we should tack a rocket engine onto the back of a golf cart and see how high we can launch ourselves off of the green.

8.  Honey Baked Ham Cupcakes

honey baked ham cupcakes


Honey baked ham was always my kryptonite when it comes to overeating, but combined with cupcakes, I stand no chance.  My arch enemy will finally prevail.  But not until after I eat so many of these that I end up puking!  LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

9.  Beer Milkshake

beer milkshake


Beer is intoxicating, Milkshakes are delicious, so why not make it more enjoyable to fill up your body with harmful substances?  The beer milkshake is something that could really inject a does of life into your dead parties, which always end with everyone leaving early.  Nothing against you, it’s just that your house smells like cat pee.

10.  Waffle Vodka

waffle vodka


This vodka tastes like waffles, but you’ll still feel just as bad tomorrow as the guy drinking the unflavored stuff.  Be responsible or be sick and miss anatomy class for the fourth time this week.  Get your things and get out.  “You can’t kick out your roommate.  He’s guaranteed housing all four years.”  HE HAS HOUSING IN THE DUMPSTER.