Wind Powered Car Takes to Chinese Streets

A brand new type of fuel efficient vehicle takes to the streets in China as one man built his own vehicle that is powered by wind.

With the rising costs of gas and the increased concern over climate change, everyone is looking into more fuel efficient options. We here at Walyou are always looking for more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly ways to get to work and around town. But while we tend to think about carpooling, riding our bicycle, or taking public transportation, one Chinese man has gone to a new level and built his own energy efficient vehicle that runs on wind power.

China is known for the myriad of innovations that come out of it. While not all these innovations are high-tech or very practical in use, they all have one thing in common – loads of ingenuity. Now a 55 year old farmer in Beijing has taken energy efficiency and climate change to a whole new level by constructing a wind-powered car all on his own. Using approximately $1,600 worth of old materials, the farmer claims that this baby can travel up to 86 miles at one go. The giant fan on the front generates electricity which is sent to the battery, propelling the car forward.

While most people are not really going to get in on the wind-powered vehicle bandwagon right now, what this one guy did with some spare time and an idea may just provide the necessary inspiration for big name auto manufacturers who are looking to think a bit outside of the box and create a new energy-efficient vehicle prototype.

A big thanks goes out to our friends over at DVICE for bringing this awesome story to our attention.

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