Espresso Royale: The Geekiest Coffee On Earth

Advertising, when done well, is a beautiful thing. It can be artistic, funny and beautiful, and all qualities happened to be combined in these ads for Espresso Royale. This series of ads combine two of the things we like the most: geeky art and coffee. Scroll down and enjoy them.


The ads were created by Sara Jahn, an artist from Champaign, Illinois, using only chalk, a board, and raw talent. Using some of the most popular characters of the late 80s to mid 90s, she created these funny pieces that are a blast of nostalgia, and advertise Espresso Royale’s coffee without being annoying. Pure artistic win.






From anime to classic 80s, Sara’s skills cover pretty much everything. We have to admit, if we were just passing by and saw these adds, we couldn’t help but to go in and have some mocha. I mean, Link and Navi tell us about coffee? Shut up and take our rupees!

Thanks be to the Obvious Winner team for the lead on this, and to by Sara Jahn for the wonderful art. Check out some more geeky chalk art at The Most Awesome Looking Pieces Of Street 3D Art and Decorate the Wall with a Multi Purpose iPhone Chalkboard.