Skyfer – Advertise Services on Your Smartphone

Suppose you’re a small business owner or do small jobs on the side. How would you tell others you were available for work? In the past, you might have used the Yellow Pages, but that’s a relic from the last century. Skyfer is a service that lets smartphone users find people willing to work for them.

Skyfer has apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7. Just download the app and fill out a free profile listing your skills, and other people will be able to find you using your geolocation.

To borrow an example from Skyfer’s YouTube video promoting their service, if you’re a plumber, you can fill out a profile and when people start to have their sinks back up and their pipes leak, they can see that you live in the neighborhood and send messages to you. You can then get in there and do your plumbing magic, getting the water to go where it’s supposed to go, instead of on your neighbors’ floors. Users can rate your work on your profile, allowing you to build reputation.

This would be a good tool for any contractor, freelancer, or other small business owner. Word of mouth can be good, but it can be slow to build your reputation–and your bank account. This service would let people know where you were and how much you charged, and more importantly, how much other people doing the same thing you do charge. Skyfer might be an interesting way for professionals who work locally to get some extra business. You can also search for people using their regular Web site if you don’t have a smartphone.

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