Window Washing Superheroes

No, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America didn’t suddenly decide to change careers. They just decided to make some kids in hospitals very happy.

A group of window washers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania decided that the best way they can help cheer up kids at the Children’s hospital in Pittsburgh is to get dressed as the mentioned superheroes, and go about their jobs in costume.

Superheroes Windows

The event was organized by Edward Matuziek, the president of Allegheny Window Cleaning compay, but the idea was suggested by his wife after she saw a simliar scheme in the UK. The company spent $800 on Broadway-quality suits for the 2-hour job to make sure the workers looked believable.

According to Matuziek, the dressing up day touched his worked just as it made the kids happy – All the guys had tears of joy in their eyes behind the costumes – it was very touching and overwhelming how excited the children were.

The experienced high-rise washers positioned their safety harnesses around the costumes before unfurling their ropes from the 12th floor and abseiling along the walls.


However, not all dressing up as superhero ideas go this well, especially when they involve body paint. Just ask this guy who wanted to look like the Hulk.

Via: Dailymail