Can’t Scrub Off the Green: When Cosplay Goes Seriously Wrong

In a publicity stunt gone horribly, horribly wrong and quite possibly one of the worst “wardrobe malfunctions” known, one Brazilian man decided not to read the warning labels and painted himself green like the Hulk using the same paint found on military items. Talk about an oops!

Hulk Smash. Hulk Punch. Hulk…get covered in paint and can’t wash it off??? Paulo Henrique dos Santos, a 35 year old pool attendant in Brazil looking to promote his singing career achieved celebrity status in a very different way…that actually has nothing to do with singing. Dos Santos wanted to impersonate the Incredible Hulk at a local event and opted to paint himself green. Only problem, the store where he always buys paint did not have the brand normally used, so instead, he opted for another brand of paint. But had he read the label he would have learned one crucial, crucial fact – it was industrial grade paint.

For those of you who do not know, industrial grade paint is used on nuclear submarines and ballistic missiles. Why? Because it does not scratch or fade easily. So, when Mr. Smarty-Pants-of-the-Year put it on his skin, he was shocked to find out that the paint would not come off his body…no matter how much he scrubbed or how much soap he used. D’oh!

When the day was done and dos Santos went into the shower, he was shocked to find out it would not come off. After 20 baths in the span of two days, there was little success. And if there was not enough embarrassment to go around with neighbors laughing at him, photos started surfacing on the internet of his mom trying to take off the paint.

But do not worry, because dos Santos would not be green forever. After a team of friends and family “attacked” him full force with all the soap and scrubbies they could find in the area for 24 hours, the green paint was finally removed!

According to Dos Santos, he does plan on suing the store that is responsible for selling him the industrial green paint stating that the employees knew exactly what the paint was being used for and neglected to inform him of the consequences associated with using industrial grade paint on skin. He then proceeded to end his lawsuit by stating for the record, “Do not make me angry. You would not like me when I am angry!”

Thanks Oddity Central for bringing this to our attention!

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