Microsoft to Unveil Windows 8 Details, Promise a Revolution

Microsoft will be unveilling the details for Windows 8 at the upcoming BUILD conference, and they are promising that it won’t be another “Windows Vista”.

microsoft windows 8

The conference will mark the first time that both developers and users will be able to catch a glimpse of the new operating system. The OS has been previewed in the past on certain Dell tablets, but only to a limited audience. Now, Microsoft plans to openly disclose tons of new details about the design architecture, capabilities and new functions of the OS.

While Microsoft has been lagging behind competitors such as Google and Apple when it comes to innovation and a fresh approach to design, Windows division president Steven Sinofsky plans on putting Microsoft back into the spotlight for home computing needs as well as portable computing solutions. He was quoting as saying that Windows 8 will be as big of a game changer as Windows 95 was back in the day.

Windows 8 will be developed along two paths, one for home computers and the other for smart phones and tablets. Both operating systems will feature touch screen capabilities and interface functions such as the “Live Tiles” from the Windows Phone 7, which display information from email, text and networks in real time.

The operating system will support all the hardware and software that is currently compatible with Windows 7, so there won’t be a need for consumers to completely reorganize their lives for the new system.

Most importantly, Microsoft claims to have learned its lesson when it comes to pushing new designs. Microsoft refuses to release another Windows Vista, that poor excuse for a finished product which was quickly displaced by Windows 7. So here’s hoping that Windows 8 will have some staying power.

According to sources, Microsft Windows 8 will officially launch some time during the first half of 2012.

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