Blog-Generated Audio Magazine

When you select the Shuffle button on your music player you get the facility of playing tracks in a random order without following any routine course. This is one of the places that the word shuffle is seen a lot and all music lovers must be well acquainted with it. Another word, or rather letters, which is very common among music lovers is FM. There are quite a few FM channels and all playing music for the majority of the time. Being such popular words among this section of the society it was no wonder that was chosen as the name of a famous audio magazine and music blog. is an Amsterdam based start-up started by Tim Heineke of Twones and in cooperation with Marcel Corso and Diederik Martens. The aim of this service was to bring together genre based music collections from around the world. Every user visiting the page had the option of playing tracks from various music blogs by merely selecting a particular genre. All tracks can be traced back to a collected list of music blogs where they are categorized as per set standards.

From the aim of aggregating music has moved further on and now it is not only concerned about aggregating but giving its users far more. It is here that it can be possible for users to also get some information about their favorite music tracks. Here a user has the advantage of visiting the blog or website where the track is hosted and from there get information regarding the band, the artists and any other thing that might appear interesting to a particular music fan.

Keeping up with the changes in technology and the fast changing behavior of consumers has tried its best to stay updated. Enhancements were made which now gives a listener an opportunity to play a continuous mix of favorite blogs, conduct a search for artists and blogs and a very own personalized music channel consisting of favorite music tracks and blogs. The blogs feature on the website allows setting up of personalized blogs as well.

Another addition that is on the cards is an iPad application which will bring in the touchscreen experience to this audio magazine and music blog. Shuffling on will become a lot easier and fun to operate. Join this very growing community of music lovers and allow the flow of music into your life.

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