Windows 8 to Boot in Just 8 Seconds

If you were tired of the way your computer boots, you are not alone. Windows 7 too has not found a lot of supporters when it comes to booting speed, and Microsoft has realized that a major chunk of its computer consumers may switch to other platforms if it does not do something to improve the speed.

In fact, Microsoft has taken the matter so seriously that they have made booting speed an essential component of what might be included in Windows 8. In a video that was unveiled quite some time back, Microsoft’s Windows 8 boots in just 8 seconds.

h/t Alexandru Chiuariu

The company launched the video to show the world that Windows 8 computers would be quick enough to give any computer running on other platforms a run for their money. The speed increase has been made possible thanks to a new technology which involves a hybrid shutdown process. The procedure is called ‘kernel hibernation process’. Microsoft also revealed that more than half of Windows 7 users shut down their computers instead of setting the computer on sleep or on hibernation. Microsoft wants to change this habit in particular and Windows 8 would allow them to stay on ‘sleep mode’ or on ‘hibernation’.

However, Microsoft also makes it clear that those who would like to switch off their computer entirely could still do so, and windows 8 would definitely boot faster and wouldn’t let you finish a cup of tea and drink the second one while your computer boots and the desktop is ready for you to start working on whatever you work on. Microsoft knows that it is no longer the king of computer-world, and that there are some really mean, and sharp competitors out there. Perhaps this increase in speed is sort of a metaphor to catch up with what the company has lost. We had also written about how Microsoft has promised a revolution of sorts with Windows 8.