Esper Wireless Dominoes: Knock ‘Em Down Without a Touch

Wireless technology has entered every walk of life. Be it home appliances, electronic goods, cars, phones and even toys. But have you heard of a concept named wireless dominoes? It is not surprising if it leaves you guessing as to what it could be. As the term suggests these are a set of dominoes that use the wireless technology to topple over. It might not sound very exciting but after having seen them there is no limit to excitement and fun.

The 14th Japan Media Arts Festival has displayed something called the Esper Wireless Dominoes. These are a set of numbered cuboids. You can place the pieces in a row according to their numbers. The distance between two pieces is to be so much that one does not touch the other while falling. The moment you tip over one domino the wireless signal triggers off the next one to fall and so on and so forth. This is not all. Playing with this set has far more options than any other set of dominoes. The numbers that are displayed on a block can be changed. You can have the same number on more than one block. As you number your blocks so are they programmed to fall. The ball is completely in your court and you can hit it any where.

It is not even necessary to place the dominoes in a single row. Create your own formation and assign a falling pattern to your pieces. Each one is bound to follow your instructions. You can even decide on which side a particular piece will fall. For example, you can create a formation in which every alternate piece falls in the opposite direction. Or there can be a circle in which one piece falls inside the circle while the other outside. As mentioned earlier, the options are limitless. The only thing that is limited is time. Challenge yourself as to how early you can get over with playing. There is a child in each one of us and these dominoes successfully bring it out.

You might say that they lack the traditional black and white color but they are not even the same traditional ones. The dominoes that we knew were simple numbered blocks. The second one would fall only after being hit by the first falling piece. If there was no contact between two dominoes the line would be undisturbed. It is not so with these ones. These are just as the present times we are living in; one minor change in one part of the world triggers off effects in different parts of the world.

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Via: Oh Gizmo