Researchers Develop Wireless Power and Communication Transmission System

Saving energy is a big issue that we all have to consider while charging our gadgets. We do not realize, but whenever we charge our gadgets and cellphones using the conventional chargers, we tend to waste a lot of precious energy that could have been saved.

Among the many such devices that help in saving energy and also charge devices wirelessly, The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology has announced an amazing and efficient wireless power transmission system. It was demonstrated at the Wireless Japan 2011 on a 2 dimensional communication device.

The system is all about placing a gadget on a flat board and concentrating the electromagnetic waves on the particular area where the gadget is placed, instead of evenly distributing it all across the board. Thus, a very large amount of energy can be saved as only the area of the conductive sheet where the gadget is placed, would receive a small amount of electromagnetic waves which would concentrate the power transmission and enhance the efficiency of saving power. You may think it is similar to Powermat, but it is so much more than that.

The idea behind the system is that when a 2.4Ghz high frequency signal and the conductive sheet captures the electromagnetic waves only in areas where the gadget is placed. Thanks to an input electrode array, the electromagnetic waves can be converged at a single point. However, the researchers have not mentioned if the device would be ‘intelligent’ enough to understand where the device is kept on the conducting surface, or how it would understand the position of the object placed.

Future plans of the researchers is to develop a device that would make use of the 2D conducting sheet to create a surface LAN which would not only charge devices, but also communicate and send information. If this happens, it would have profound implications in the field of communication and information processing as well. You could take a look at the 17 Innovative Chargers, and also the Stylish Powermat, which provides a 2D space as well, to charge your gadgets.