Woods Meets Metal in this Cool PC Mouse

Computer gadgets get more complex as technology becomes more advanced. This wood and metal PC mouse, however, is an ideal example of how a simple design can still make a huge impact.

Wood and Metal PC Mouse

Wood and Metal PC Mouse 2

This intricate PC mouse by Slava Saakyan has a body made of wood, and left and right buttons made of metal. Between the two buttons is a scroll key which is operated via wheel-belt mechanism. A fascinating feature of this design is how the left and right metal buttons seem to be floating on air.

Wood and Metal PC Mouse 3

According to the creator, he designed this PC mouse with two different materials to emphasize how harmony can be possible. The metal parts of the mouse represent coolness, while the wood is for warmth. Metal also symbolizes the mouse’s technological side, while the wood brings forward the biological aspect of the device.

Wood and Metal PC Mouse 5

Wood and Metal PC Mouse 6

It’s like mechanics and life coming together. The Yin and Yang idea kind of makes you think about other awesome steampunk designs, doesn’t it? It’s more like a past meets future kind of theme, too. Either way, this PC mouse concept will surely make tedious office work a pleasure. Or you can leave it on your desk on its own and turn it into a fascinating ornamental piece.

Wood and Metal PC Mouse 4

Just when you thought PC mice can’t look any cooler, think again. Browse on over to these other samples: This felt mouse by John Roth explores the use of eco-friendly materials, while this cool pointer-shaped mice by Art Lebedev are interesting to have at the office.

Speaking of Lebedev, his studio has been featured on Walyou for their pieces like the retractable gun dog leash, among others. In fact, this wood and metal mouse’s creator, Slava Saakyan has actually collaborated with Lebedev on other industrial design projects. What will they come up with next? Walyou will surely have it covered.

Via: Coroflot