Wix Grabs $40 Million More in Financing

Free web page making sites come a dime a dozen these days, but it’s not so often you hear about them finding $40 million in backing. Wix.com, a popular flash web page making site, has done just that thanks to several venture capital firms including Benchmark Capital, DAG ventures, Mangrove Capital Partners and others.

Wix Logo

Since its beginning in 2006, Wix has had over 8.57 million web pages made via its free service and now a total of $60 million in funding to boot in this Series D additon. Like Weebly and similar free web page platforms, Wix is aimed at user-friendliness, easy of access with free account setup, point and click options, and incentives to pay for premium services including unlimited bandwidth, storage, ad removal, Google Analytics, and hosting plans ranging from $4-20 a month.

In addition to its flash-based web services, Wix is going to soon be debuting services compatible with HTML 5 for mobile phone platforms which would likely include Android and especially  iOS (considering Steve Jobs war against Flash). The recent funding will be used to help with Wix’s mobile initiatives and support Wix’s branches in Tel Aviv, New York and (newly opened) in San Francisco.

In wake of Wix’s success is a more interesting point about the “freemium” business model. Because it’s based on the creativity of those who pay to use these services like web designers, promotional companies, and marketers, this in turn allows Wix to continue to grow, transform and become more innovative. With that, we can only expect Wix to hit 9 million individual pages in the near future.

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Via: TechCrunch