14 Worst Fan Artworks of ‘Friends’ Characters

The TV show Friends has been off the air since 2004, but from the amount of times it is on every day through syndication on so many channels, you wouldn’t know it’s actually been gone for almost a decade.

So this means people are still exposed to the famous six, and unfortunately, it also means terrible fan art still coming out.

These are Supposed to be Chandler & Monica

Chandler and Monica Kissing

Ross Looking Quite Scary

Ross looking scary

Chandler In The Moment When He’s Really Pleased With Himself

Chandler No Eyes

Monica After a Little Too Much Work Done

Scary Monica

The One When Rachel Was Naked on a Violin

Rachel and the Violin

Ross Looking Like an Unattractive Version of Dylan McDermott

Ross Weird

Chandler Not Looking Anything Like Himself

Chandler Not Himself

Joey and the Huge Forehead

Joey & Forehead

Phoebe Giving Us a Creepy Smile

Phoebe Creepy Smile

Chandler After He Got Punched in the Nose

Chandler Broken Nose

Ross as the Missing Link

Missing Link Ross

Something Just Isn’t Right With Monica in This One

Monica Not Right

Joey Can’t Recognize Himself in the Mirror

Joey & Mirror

Can Phoebe Be Any Scarier?

Can Phoebe Be any Scarier

Via: NellFrizzell