10 Worst Possible Game of Thrones Memes

At their best, memes are funny and sometimes thought provoking. At their worst, they look like someone took a picture and pinned on it a few words that don’t make sense, like this Game of Thrones collection.

Harry Potter & The Unsullied?!

Unsullied Joke


TIL Harry Potter = Daenerys Targaryen.

I’m Confused

Not the real spider


Well, he’s not a spider, but most people in Westeros use their sigils to describe themselves. So, you don’t actually have to be a Spider to be called one. This Crow – Jon Snow one works on the same defective logic:

Is Crow

Not True to his Word

Lannister Debts


A Scene I Can’t Erase From my Mind

Bad scene


As a book reader, I still don’t understand why they changed the scene between Jaime and Cersei in the sept to be a creepy rape one.

Grammar is Important to get a Message Across



It’s Khal Drogo, not Charl

Confusing Meme


Text Box Genius

Text Box Genius


Not anymore, btw.

Brains more important than anything



Zombies feel the same way.

The Khaleesi Friendzone


Poor Jorah…

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