13 Best Game of Thrones Memes

One of the best thing about the internet today, is that everything in pop culture gets satirized. If we’re lucky, the bastardization of shows you love come off quite funny, like these Game of Thrones memes.

GRRM Kills Everyone

Once you kill the lead character of the first book/season with a shocking¬†decapitation¬†scene, people don’t really know what to expect anymore, which makes the books and show all that better.

Everyone Hates Joff

There are few fictional characters as unpopular as Joffrey Baratheon, so it’s always quite shocking to catch a rerun of Batman Begins and see him all little and cute, talking to Bruce Wayne.

Jaime Loves His Sister

First episode of the show and boom… brother sleeping with his twin sister.

And Then…

People love to blame Cat for a lot of things, but Bran falling and never walking again is the combination of lying to his mother and Jaime Lannister being a dick.

Hipster Jon Snow

Where are my Dragons?

Daenerys Targaryen was at her most annoying in Season 2 during her Qarth visit, realizing her dragons were stolen.

Bad-ass Tyrion

The blackwater episode in Season 2 was probably the most action packed in the series so far, with the Wildfire bombardment being the creme de la creme of it.

Joffrey is Hard to Understand

Sexy Show, Not so Sexy Fans?

Playing the Game of Thrones

Sam vs Drogo

What A Song of Ice and Fire Fans are Afraid Of

At best, the next book, The Winds of Winter, will be out in 2014. But George took it real slow with the fourth (A Feast for Crows) and the fifth (A Dance with Dragons), 11 years for the two combined. There will be quite a few riots if there’s no book by 2016.