The New X-Finger: Getting Your Phalanges Back

When Luke Skywalker had his hand cut off in The Empire Strikes Back, we were all amazed at the realistic bionic replacement he received. A simple machine replaced what was once his hand, and it looked and worked so realistically. Of course, that was Lucas’ movie magic at work, but now we have come a little closer.

Didrick Medical Inc has been developing an interesting little device, the X-Finger. It supplements partially amputated phalanges, completing the hand back to a full form.

Unlike robotic hands, the X-Finger has the gentle, elegant touch to simulate a realistic hand. Using a silicone finger sheath, the device bends and function in a realistic fashion. The technology allows the user to pick up things that are small and rigid with ease , control and stability.

Another benefit to the device is that it is completely self-contained. It is powered by the user’s hand and not any sort of external power source. This grants the user the mobility to use it wherever possible and makes the device light enough to not cause fatigue through use. It only weighs about 20 grams, which would be the weight of about four nickels thanks to the silicone sheath. It is all natural from design to functionality.

Because every finger-amputation is different with various fingers and severity, Didrick Medical Inc. has taken the mission to custom fabricate every device to the situation. Because of this, weights, sizes and prices may all vary. Chances are, whatever finger may be missing, these guys can replace it.

Medical breakthroughs are constantly taking place, and the more we venture into the future the more things from Star Wars keep coming up. The marriage between medicine and science makes a happy couple, and a better, more able society.

Didrick Medical Inc. encourages anyone to contact them for a consultation or pricing easily through email or fax. They do ask that you include a picture of the hand in order to get a better idea of what the cost and functionality would be.

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Via: Didrick Medical Inc