Angry Birds: Now Available In Real Life

Angry Birds, a app store game that has swept the world in it’s simplicity and ability to limitlessly aggravate, has seen many real life appearances. Through clothing, toys, and even piñatas, Angry Birds has been seen by many, though a real life example of the game makes it 10 times more fun.

If you’ve never played Angry Birds at all, it is quite the shame, as it is even available to play for free online. Fans all around the world are constantly making products and videos featuring the Angry Birds, and they always find a way to entertain greatly. almost like Angry Birds is slowly taking this world over! While there have been other videos depicting real-life Angry Birds play, I think this new one is so much more fun, featuring a real band playing the music, as well as a crowd of people to enjoy the “onslaught.” The creators stage the video in Plaça Nova de Terrassa, Spain, and attract a huge crowd making so much noise, not to mention the small explosions they make every time they get one of the pigs! Check it out below!

This video is great, and a really is entertaining. The only thing that would have been better would be seeing it in person, as the crowd seems to love it. My favorite part, hands down, is the band though. They continue to play the Angry Birds theme song through the whole video, and the music is quite catchy.

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