Bizarre X-ray Umbrella May Encourage Public Health Spending

Umbrellas have always been a symbol of protection, and inclusion. Most societies use the umbrella as a metaphor for the society’s inclusiveness for it offers protection against natural elements like heat, rain and sometimes even dust & wind.

There have been several artful umbrellas around the world, and it is sometimes interesting to see how innovative they can actually be.

Anastasia Spada has designed a cool umbrella which has been created by using discarded X-ray sheets. The project was inspired by the magazine ReadyMade, and the idea was to create something using common objects from everyday life that are discarded without a thought. On a deeper note, the X-ray umbrella may even denote the sustenance of health industry thanks to public health spending.

xray umbrella design

It is no secret that medical industry survives on people’s illnesses and perhaps such medical spending enables the modern health industry to grow and prosper. Of course, on a lighter note, this umbrella would definitely grab a lot of attention when you are out on the street. You could also read about other innovative designs such as the Color Changing Umbrella and the Samurai Sword Umbrella.

x ray umbrella design