Incredible Xbox 360 + Forza Horizon 2 Bundle Deal That’s Hard to Ignore

The day in which the Xbox 360 console will become a retro-gaming device isn’t too far from now, so getting it at an incredible discount price along with one of the best racing games ever made, Forza Horizon 2, is a deal that’s hard to pass on if you’re looking to expand your gaming experience.

Xbox 360 500GB

Amazon are offering the Xbox 360 with 500 gigabytes and Forza Horizon 2 at just $184.90 (current price), which is about $60 dollars cheaper than the one with the Call of Duty bundle, and a $15 discount from the original price of this bundle.

What do you get:

  • A 500 gigabyte Xbox 360 console, full-game digital download of Forza Horizon 2, one black wireless controller and one month of Xbox Live Gold
  • The option to use entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon instant video and HBO Go on your Xbox

This isn’t the only option for on-sale Xbox 360 devices, with the 4GB E XBox 360 costing $164.99 instead of $199.99 at the moment.

If a console isn’t the only thing that you’re looking for, there are quite a few lucrative deals and prices on other gaming-related accessories like keyboards, controllers and headphones to help craft the ultimate gaming experience.


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