Xbox One Drops Its Price And Kinect In One Swift Move

Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One, is about to drop its price to $399 (that’s 100 dollars less!) in a new package that doesn’t include Kinect.

Xbox One

Quick, what’s the difference between the PS4 and the Xbox One? Kinect and a hundred dollars in its price? Well, not anymore, Microsoft reports. In a move aimed to give players more freedom of choice on what they want for their living-room, the company that one year ago claimed that a Kinect-less Xbox just wasn’t an Xbox, and that the mere thought of it was impossible, has decided to drop Kinect from their Xbox One packages, moving it back to optional add-on status, just like it was on the Xbox 360.

This has given Microsoft the edge to price-match the PS4 at $399 USD, as they expect to accelerate on their sales which were lagging by a couple millions behind Sony’s latest offering. Now? Well, although the PS4 has somewhat of an edge, power-wise, we guess it just comes down to who puts out the best games. And this is why competition is a wonderful thing. Have you picked a side, yet?

Source: Xbox Wire

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