Xbox One Update Adds Remote Purchases, 3D Blu-ray Support – Now Available

The August update for Microsoft’s console brings remote purchases, 3D Blu-ray support, and more new features.

Xbox One August Update image

Microsoft began this week with a new Xbox One update. Step one on their large list of improvements coming to the console’s OS, which were previously revealed at Gamescom14 last week and include a robust expansion of media playing options, from support to any number of media formats to even the addition of media streaming through DLNA.

Unfortunately, such media savvy features are still an unknown time frame away from being released, but Monday’s Xbox One update does have some valuable additions to it for owners: the ability to remotely purchase and install Xbox One games bought online without turning on the system, and 3D Blu-ray support that also allows users to disable system notifications while watching video.

Xbox One August Update image 2

Other system wide changes also effect the look of the Activity Feed, which has been given a UI overhaul and is now one single scrolling list.

The improvements there now allow Xbox One users to update their statuses by publishing text posts, share video, and whatever else. These posts can then be “liked” and commented on by friends and vise-versa, with private messaging options for users who want to share activity items secretly. There is also now a “last time seen” notification tacked on to friend lists that show how long since a friend has been online.


SmartGlass users will be able to access their activity feed, but will be limited to just watching and “liking” friends’ activity feeds until further posting options are implemented in a future SmartGlass update.

Lastly, a low battery notification has been added to the Xbox One OS that will automatically pop up when a Xbox One controller battery is getting low.

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