White Nyko Xbox One/PS4 Charger Is the Very Definition of Style

Nyko Xbox One/PS4 controller chargers are not exactly a novelty, but the users of these next-gen gaming consoles can now rejoice, as the charging stations made by Nyko will soon be available in stylish white.

As good as the Xbox One and the PS4 may look, there’s still room for a lot of design and functionality improvements. Most of the time, such changes are achieved with aftermarket products such as the recently launched white version of the PlayStation4 DualShock 4 controller charging station, which is a GameStop-exclusive. Apparently, Nyko has made quite a name for itself by creating some high-quality Xbox One and PS4 controller chargers, so the latest addition to its collection can only be regarded as a good thing by gamers.

In the past, using wireless controllers with the previous generation of these consoles was optional, and only chosen for short periods of time for increased convenience. Now, Microsoft and Sony designed their products so that the latency between the console and the wireless controller is unnoticeable. This way, wireless controllers became a mainstay, and Nyko took advantage of that.

The Modular Charge Station and DualShock 4 connector made by Nyko in GameStop-eclusive white successfully replace the USB cable that was previously necessary for charging the PS4 controller.

In the case of the Xbox One Wireless Controller, the AA-batteries, which can run out of power pretty quickly, are replaced with Nyko’s proprietary wireless charging kit battery. Regardless of the type of controller that’s used, users are able to charge two of them simultaneously. The indicators will help you tell if the battery is full or not.

All in all, Nyko’s wireless controller charging stations is a very convenient solution for the ones who can afford spending some more after buying an already expensive video gaming console. The competition is fierce in this industry, and similar or maybe even better solutions might be developed in the near future.

Currently available only for the PS4, the white version of the controller charger will undoubtedly be available for Xbox One users in no time, as it would be a shame to make a discrimination between gamers when it comes to console accessories. It will be interesting to see what other accessories are developed for the two consoles.

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