Xbox 720’s Live subscription rumored at 15$ per month

Get your chequebooks ready, sources are reporting that Microsoft’s next flagship console will be charging $15 per month for its online features.


Fans are counting down the days until Microsoft releases official information regarding the next-gen console, and rumors are coming in fast from all over the internet. The latest development in the upcoming Xbox release has to do with the price of its well-known Live subscription. While the rumors previously spoke about keeping the current pricing subscription which span between $5 and $10 monthly based on the length of the subscription, a reporter over at Windows Supersite corrected the rumor on twitter stating that “The $299 version of the Xbox v.Next will come with a $15/mo XBLG subscription, not $10. Sorry about that.

Current users of the Xbox will need to open up their wallets if they want to continue enjoying their internet connection on the device, a move has already cost Microsoft some degree of popularity considering the level of ads that continues to be displayed on the dashboard regardless of the subscription they’ve chosen. Many users continue to be baffled by having to pay a fee to use their own internet connection, while the PS3 and PC (and even Games for Windows Live) don’t demand a premium for using their online services.

With the controversy surrounding the always-on nature of the console being somewhat put to rest, it remains to be seen what the restrictions of holding a silver membership on the upcoming console will mean for users who want to experience the full range of features of this upcoming next-gen device. One thing remains for sure: players who want to keep on shooting each other in the next Call of Duty title are going to need to shell out an MMO-priced subscription fee if they want to keep their game on.

Source: GirlGamer

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