Xiaomi phones will be sold without chargers

Chinese giant Xiaomi is starting a new, interesting trend for their future sets: to ship them without chargers in the box. As things stand now, most Android devices use the same Micro USB port, and based on this, most users have several chargers at home. Yet, is this a good idea?


The company is willing to slash prices with this new strategy, by launching their flagships Mi 5 and Mi 5 Plus without chargers, but users could still acquire them separately for some 1.5 Euros.

It’s an interesting idea, to say the least, as this would allow Xiaomi to ship in smaller boxes, protect the environment, and reduce clutter around our homes which are definitely some compelling reasons for why this model should work.


This new tendency was already tried by Motorola and their Moto G, which only includes the USB cable, which can be connected to any adapter straight to the outlet. It’s clear that there are advantages to having dedicated phone chargers, with the right amp, and optimized energy flow that protects the battery, but Xiaomi are reportedly working on a way to compensate and stabilize this issue on their new smartphones.

As things stand now, this is just an idea that needs to be worked on, and eventually see if the rest of the companies in the world are willing to follow suit – for a greener planet.

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