No.1 Sun S2 Shows Its Tricks on a Round Dial

In a world dominated by smartwatches with square or rectangular dial, No.1 Sun S2 may look unusual, but it has plenty of interesting specs to leave a good impression.

No.1 gained its place under the spotlight by making copies of popular smartphones and smartwatches. That may not be the best way to become popular, but now that the company has proceeded to manufacturing more original devices, people might actually start looking at it with different eyes. Sun S2, as its latest smartwatch is called, is a waterproof wearable with a round dial and plenty of useful features that make it a great alternative to its more expensive counterparts.

When using a chronograph watchface, No.1 Sun S2 can be easily mistaken for a conventional timepiece. However, the MT6260 chipset and its many functions make anything but conventional. The name of the device comes from the design of the frame, with pieces that look just like the rays of a stylized sun.

As many other wearables, Sun S2 relies on Bluetooth (3.0, in this particular case) to synchronize the phonebook, display phone call reminders and dial. On top of that, the smartwatch can display all sorts of notifications. The manufacturer also included a remote control function, both for the smartphone’s music player and camera. If you’d rather use the smartwatch’s camera instead, the manufacturer equipped it with a 1.33MP snapper that should prove sufficient in emergency situations.

Fitness tracking is an important part of using wearables, and with the help of the included heart rate sensor, No.1 Sun S2 does more than just counting your steps and calories. Such sensors can help people find out the heart rate zone they’re in at a specific moment during the workout. This piece of information is vital for optimizing exercises in order to achieve specific goals.

As mentioned before, Sun S2 can be used as a remote control for the smartphone’s music player. I really hope that this means it’s also compatible with custom music players (a la PowerAmp), and not just with Android’s default one. Hopefully, the included 350mAh battery is sufficient for controlling music playback for a couple of days.

No.1 Sun S2 can be purchased for $54.99 on GearBest, or for $52.59 if you apply the coupon code GBSS2 during checkout. The store is also offering a leather band, besides the metallic one that comes installed.

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