Keep Your Home Safe With Y-cam: HomeMonitor For Indoors & Outdoors

Some of us are just the worrying type and need to know exactly what’s going on at home, and if our belongings are fine. This is where the Y-cam comes in.

Y-cam- HomeMonitor For Indoors & Outdoors

The Y-Cam: HomeMonitor is a ‘Plug & play’ cloud camera service that helps users feel safe by giving them a constant window into their own home, so they can check on their things, families, and belongings thanks to the magic of internet-enabled devices.

 As of now, there are Y-cam apps available for iOS, but an Android one is currently in the works. The idea is that, thanks to your smartphone/tablet, which is synchronized with the Y-cam, users will be able to record videos & receive email notifications if movement is detected in real time. Also, the app doesn’t send updates if there’s nothing going on, so there’s no waste of bandwidth. The videos get stores in a cloud-based online account that users open for free, and last up to 7 days. These can be checked via many devices.


The Y-Cam itself has a built-in professional infrared night vision capable of recording up to 50 feet (that would be 15m for non-Americans) in complete darkness. Also? It’s plug and play, so you don’t really need any technical know-how to set it up, plus, it works both inside and outside the house, so it’s the perfect solution if you always need to keep things in check.

The Y-cam HomeMonitor can be bought at Home Monitor Online for $199.99 for the indoors version, and $349.99 for the outdoors one.

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