Nvidia Shield shows up for preorder at $349

Get ready for mobile gaming awesomeness, the Nvidia shield is just about to hit the shelves and rock your socks off this coming June.


If you’ve been looking for a device to play your triple-A PC titles on, or just a powerful, portable device with an awesome controller, the shield might just be what you’ve been waiting for. Nvidia’s project Shield is going up for pre-order on May 20th through several online retailers and is getting ready to hit consumer hands in no time flat.

If you’re unfamiliar with the device, the Shield packs a powerful Tegra 4 mobile processor and a 720p multi-touch display, as well as a handy controller to get all of your gaming done on. The most promising thing about it though; users who own a 600 series GPU (or higher) will be able to play games from their PC on the Shield using a Wi-Fi connection. So if you’re itching for just one more turn of your Civ5 game, no problem! What remains to be seen is whether high-skill cap games can compare to their PC counterpart or if this if this purely aimed at a more casual audience.

Although the tablet itself is powerful, its primary focus is running android games. With the coming of the new Xbox and Playstation, it’s hard to tell if the Shield will hit its niche, or get left behind in the dust in the upcoming revision of the console wars. Nonetheless, PC users who use Nvidia’s hardware will now have the opportunity of continuing their games while away from home using a technology we’ve only seen come to life using OnLive and similar services. Some argue that the $349 price tag is hefty, considering its functionality, but given its functionality and long-term appeal, it might  just be a future investment worth going for if you’re a fan of PC gaming.

Source: IGN

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