Yamaha Hi-Fi Alarm Clock Wakes You Up Gently, Charges Your Gadgets

Even though alarm clocks that drive us insane seem to be more effective, everyone secretly wishes the transition between the world of dreams and the real world were a bit more gentle. Yamaha’s radio alarm clock does that and more, at an almost reasonable price.

The quest for a good alarm clock seems to never end. Of course, each person has his own definition of what makes an alarm clock good, but no matter how different people’s tastes are, there have to be a few common features. Yamaha TSX-B72 is an alarm clock that doesn’t impress only because of its simple, yet beautiful design (not much of a surprise, for a Japanese product), but also because it is feature-packed.

Most Hi-Fi audio systems include alarm clocks by default, as of late, but Yamaha wanted to design a product that does even more than that. TSX-B72 (I wish it had a less cryptic name than that) wakes you up in a less brutal way than most alarm clocks out there, and it can feed your power hungry tablets and smartphones via an USB charging port.

Have I mentioned that it can also be controlled via a smartphone app that connects to the alarm clock via Bluetooth? Guess not. The same wireless connection can be used for streaming music, as Yamaha’s alarm clock dual-driver speaker system that can be used for more than just listening to the radio. On top of all that, the TSX-B72 comes with NFC that proves useful when one-touch pairing the alarm clock to smartphones and tablets.

According to Yamaha, the high frequencies are the most disturbing thing in an alarm. This is the exact reason why the Japanese company decided to take a different approach. Their alarm clock removes these high frequencies and adds them back gradually. The frequency curves can also be controlled via the free smartphone app.

The smartphone app will also enable people to set several alarms with customizable fade-in times, which is something you definitely don’t see in your run-of-the-mill alarm clocks.

At $200, Yamaha TSX-B72 isn’t a particularly cheap alarm clock. In fact, it’s among the most expensive I’ve ever seen, but considering its features, I really don’t think that the price is exaggerated. If the features aren’t enough, maybe the color selection will convince you of how great this alarm clock is: it comes in dark red, dark green and white.

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