Ferrari Made From Yarn

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Ferrari but couldn’t come up with the money, you could just knit your own.


Lauren Porter has done just that and knitted herself a life-size Ferrari out of 12 miles of yarn. Yes, 12 miles. The yarn was provided to her by SIRDAR and was made not simply for fun, but also for a University project at Bath Spa. It isn’t one specific Ferrari model per se, but seems to take elements from the Testarossa and F355. The project took only 10 months to complete.That’s a pretty fast amount of time considering the scope and detail needed to create a life-size replica of a sports car.

Ferrari Details

Besides the 12 miles of yarn, the car used up 250 knitted squares over a steel frame for support and to keep the shape of the Ferrari. The horse badge is hand embroidered for extra points.

Ferrari 2

Porter didn’t knit the entire thing herself, she employed the help of 20 other people and used a combination of knitting and crocheting to get the needed results. While the final product might not have all the little details, that makes a Ferrari sexy and sleek, but for something that is made from yarn, it certainly does a good job of capturing some of the curves and nuances of the car.

Ferrari wheels

Rather than combine a mixture of two cars, why not focus on one particular design. That would allow the car to be automatically recognizable by automobile enthusiasts. Obviously the prancing horse is a dead giveaway, but to really win over the hardcore car enthusiasts, she would have had to put in a lot more design and work.

Ferrari Lisa

Still, as Porter says, “I get men admiring the racing lines and old women look at the needlework.” Her reasoning behind choosing a Ferrari is due to the strange combination of a race car and something slow like needlework. The two polar opposites appeal to a wider audience and definitely brings a smile to people’s face. While the car certainly is for display only, at least Porter can say she owns a Ferrari.

Ferrari back

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Via: Lauren Porter